Power of followers (IM#284)

Leadership is about influence and making an impact in other people’s life. When it comes to leadership, followers play a vital role. He who thinks he leads, but has no follower is only taking a walk. If you can’t influence others, people won’t follow you. If they won’t follow you, you are not a leader. So, followers and their roles are inevitable when it comes to leadership.

Churchill once insisted, “Without victory there is no survival.” To grab victory, I believe there must be three things: 1. Unity in vision, 2. Diversity of skills, and 3. Combined dedication towards specific goal. All these are possible if and only if we have true followers. While working in a group potential or talent fall behind the unified vision. I had a real-life experience. While I was mentoring Education USA student about my research project this summer, there were students from all over the world and they were talented too. We were dedicated towards a common goal of completing the project on time. More than our individual talents, the most reliable and helpful quality was diversity in skills that helped us to reach our goal on time.

Followers are the one who bring real connection among the people and connection is very crucial when it comes the leadership. Connection is about sharing a common core values and a common goal. There is an old saying which goes, “To lead yourself, use your head; to lead others use your heart.” This clearly explains the power of followers. But it doesn’t mean that leaders are not important. Leaders are the one who bring aspirations to the followers. They are the one who can navigate the future, recognize obstacles long before they appear on the horizon and attract more followers. This reflects that leaders and followers are co-related.

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