Pattern of mistakes (IM 697)

The path to success starts with knowing the weakness and mistakes and challenging them. The reflection of the mistakes is crucial to progress from it. I have been noticing that I have made a lot of mistakes. Here I have enlisted my painful mistakes that I’ve made in investment career till now.

I wrote down my patterns of mistakes to self-reflect and never repeat it again.

A. Pattern of Mistakes

  1. Options have always been fatal to me ( 76.5% of my losses is from option). But Xilinx (90% of the time) and Raytheon Technologies (80% of the time) made upturn.
  2. Betting of option/stock prior earning a day before didn’t make positive result.
  3. Keeping profit for long time (like in Inovio) and losing it
  4. Over adding the capitals on downgrading stocks (mostly options) are hurtful.
  5. Following the hype/crowd for quick money has been a bad strategy.
  6. Lack of discipline. Panicking

B. Self-reflection and connecting the dots:

  1. Stop trading option in Hype. (Xilinx and RTX see their trend –  enter only in a beautiful setup)
  2. Earning risk? Never do earning options. Stocks not prior earning. Add only if it’s in uptrend.
  3. Take profit of the table. But What is the ROI? depends on the market. If overbought, then sell it.
  4. Risk should be calculated. If it takes way to long to break-even, dump before losing more. Be defensive as well.
  5. Don’t follow the hype or crowd.
  6. Follow the principles. Don’t bet trapped by the hype or greed.

Writing down and staring at these challenges is always breathtaking but it’s worth to take it for the long run.

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