Our “two” barriers (IM 384)`

Our biggest barriers are

  1. Ego and
  2. Blind spots

Ego barrier is the subliminal defense mechanism of every individual. It’s an act of making hard to accept weakness and mistakes. It exists in the temporal lobe of human brain that controls emotions and subconscious thinking. It always try to prove yourself right. It receives any criticism as an attack rather than a way for an improvement.

Everybody has blind spots. We all see things in our own way and so we have different level/range of seeing and understanding things and situations just like we have different range of hearing pitch and recognizing color.

Recognizing and understanding the ego barriers and removing them consciously will improve our knowledge, help us to make good decisions and enhances our potential.  Becoming more open-minded is better way to challenge the ego barriers.

Acknowledging that everybody has blind spot forces us to explore more on what’s true and what is the best decision rather than what we believe is true and best.

These two are the biggest barriers to human potential. Whoever can’t crack them will fall short on whatever they do. So make sure you come above it.

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