Our ideal tomorrow (IM#78)

How does your ideal tomorrow look like? Is it something that you make a vivid picture everyday and work for it? 

Do you believe in living those wildest dream? What have you done to unfold your ideal future? 

The execution, for making that tomorrow to embrace you, should be done now. There is no any perfect time for execution. Precisely, we don’t have the power to calibrate and configure that perfect time, yet we can experiment.

Our ideal tomorrow won’t get unfold unless we start to work for it. In-spite of knowing that we should work for it, we still aren’t because we’re afraid of being imperfect. Imperfection is not the result, it is just the process. 

If we get hooked up by the belief that we’ll be embarrassed for that failed action then we won’t be able to give birth to that wildest tomorrow.

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