Organizing everyday (IM 465)

These days we hear about goals and to achieve it we must plan our daily activities. Organizing and planning your daily activities didn’t start in 20th or 21st century. It started way before that.

We often hear to write the daily affirmations and our end goals. This will help us get to our dream and make us successful both in mind, body, spirit and in surroundings.

I was going through the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin where I found that he, during his life time, was organizing his daily activities. He was allocating his time, by hours, on personal development, public and private business. He also had made prayer which he used to perform every morning to bring positivity in the day. It was though 18th century. He used his notebook to keep track of his short term goals and daily activities.

And we(most of us) are still following it. We don’t exactly know when this started and when will it work. But the truth is it works.

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