Open-minded vs closed-minded (IM 613)

The nature of person being open-minded or closed-minded play a huge role in success and failure of the person in both life and work. Open minded people are the one who don’t want their ideas challenged while closed minded are the one who are curious about disagreement and  always prefer a healthy counter-argument.

Closed-minded people (CMP) feel bad if something they did went wrong and get angry when someone disagrees while open-minded people (OMP) aren’t angry when someone disagrees. CMP prefer to make statements than to ask questions. OMP know when to make an statement and when to ask questions; in fact they ask lots of questions.

CMP focus more on being understood than understanding others perspective while the counter part always see through other people’s eyes. CMP lack deep sense of humility and are interested in speaking than listening but OMP are completely opposite.

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