On HCMC: Worth The Bet? (IM 933)

Healthier Choices Management Corp ( Ticker Symbol: HCMC), a food and health supplement store company is getting lots of attention from Investors. Currently trading a $0.0018 per share, investors see a lot of potential in this company.

All the attention came when HCMC sued Philip Morris International (NYSE:PMover patent infringement. The lawsuit alleges that PM infringed on its patent 170 with its IQOS tobacco vapor product. Investors speculate these news and hope it will win the lawsuit against PM.

Investors have also decided to buy a lots of shares on May 3rd to ride the momentum of this stock. But is it worth the bet?

In my view, it’s totally worth the bet. There is a huge potential. If it wins the lawsuit, PM will have to pay HCMC some billions which would boost the stock price. To know more about the Lawsuit, visit here:



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