No, the world is not the problem (IM#127)

No, it’s not the people who are driving us crazy, it’s not our job and a busy schedule that is driving us mad, and it’s not that rude costumer who is making us insane.

No, it’s not the world that’s the problem. It’s simply that we don’t have any other alternatives to get our work done.

The key to solve this problem is to plan, envision and articulate what we see in the future for ourselves and the people we care about because any plan is better than no plan.

In the process of defining the future, our plan begins to shape itself into reality, both the reality of the world out there and the reality that we are about to design here. When these two-reality merge, a new reality emerges, a new perception unfolds. It’s a unique invention that’s uniquely ours; which is the reality of our mind and our heart uniting with all our ideas to shape, design and collaborate and form something that never existed before.

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