Mental Conditions Vs Performances. (IM#48)

It is obvious that our mental conditions can affect our physical performances. The more we are mentally anxious, stressed, the more likely we are to end up screwing up our performances.

Our performances whether its a sports or our daily activities, are not only by physiological process but mental health has the key role. The relationship between anxiety, tension, and stress has been the topic of various theories over time.

The relationship between stress and performances was portrayed by stress response curve created by Nixon P. in 1979. This curve clearly revealed that as the level of stress increases, the performance level also increases to a certain level. But when the stress keep increasing and starts overwhelming the performance level starts to decline even causing ill-health or breakdown. When a stress level reaches uncontrollably high the person gradually experience drastic decline in the performances and losses enthusiasm to cope with stress.

Same sorts of result happens with increase in anxiety and tension.


  1. Relaxation: Being relaxed during every performances
  2. Visualization: Visualize every physical parts of body with closed eyes and thinking all of them are perfectly working.

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