Mapping the present with the future. (IM 715)

Everyone has the weakness and that weakness makes us anxious most of the time. This might take place when you are in a meeting with boss or date with your partner. This weakness might make you nervous when you are presenting in a public or expressing your ideas.

There is a way to overcome this issue and  I hope this is effective and I’m going to apply it in my real life

It is to consider that every moment happening now will serve as a purpose for the future plans and goals. Every situation you encounter is a ladder to the future you.

This gives us the hope that everything happening now is a reason. The reason is known later in life and we realize that everything happening now is in some way connected to our future purpose. So if we are thinking of giving up on something or trying to avoid an obstacle and take easy way then we got to ask ourselves:- “How will affect my future goals?” “Will this serve my future purpose?”

Add I believe the answers to these question will obviously change our decision and action.

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