Loss and Gains (IM 383)

There was a research done with monkey and apples. A monkey was given an apples and observed that he was happy. And he was given two apples. But when one of the two apple was taken away from him, he was so freaked out even though he still had one apple.

Human beings react in same way. The jealousy we have developed within us has harmed our living. We don’t have anything in the beginning. We get something through our work or through luck and we become happy. But nothing lasts long.

“For everything you have missed, you’ve gained something, and for everything you gain, you lose something.” -Ralph W. Emerson

We don’t realize that we are already missing something when we gain something. But when we lose some of what we already have then we exaggerate our loss and failure. This is how human reacts. The pleasure of our victories is overshadowed by the pain of our failures and losses.

We haven’t acknowledge the words that Ralph W. Emerson said about a century ago.

Our pains and failures are true so are our success and happiness….

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