It’s all about experiment (IM 480)

We are ignorant of lot of things. We don’t know the damn thing about the whole universe, yet we are learning and progressing. How?

It’s by experiment…

As Yuval Noah Harari insists in his book sapiens,” Fire gave us power, gossip helped us cooperate, mythology maintained law and order, money gave us something we can really trust, contradiction created culture and science made us deadly.”

We have learned a lot. It’s through the experiment. We experiment, we learn; we execute, we progress.

For an instance, many culture believed that lightening was the hammer of angry god to punish the sinner, until in the 18th century Benjamin Franklin experimented flying a kite while lightening, which proved it is just an electric current, which helped us to invent lightening rod.

There are many such examples in the history of human kind which suggests us that every inventions and knowledge is through experiment. Nobody knows the perfect solution. It’s all about experiments.

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