It’s A Whole New World (IM 931)

I have always been optimistic about what the future holds. Peter Ustinov said it more beautifully, “The point of living is to believe the best is yet to come.”

Our future depends on what we all are doing now and what we all desperately need. Everything goes back to evolution to follow what Darwin said in 19th century. But this time it’s not in nature’s hand but instead in us, the humans.

We know we all need a compelling future and technology is the only way to provide it. Fortunately, it has been providing…

What seemed to be a science fiction just 20 years ago has now become a reality. The world we live in today is the place of miracles as technology is growing exponentially.

If you had told somebody that there would be a self-driving car just 15- 20 years ago,  they would have thought you’d gone crazy. Now, from Tesla to NIO to Volkswagen to many other companies self-driven car has become the main focus. And by 2040, more than half of the car will be self-driven.

Technology has become solution to many problems and will continuously become the solutions to many problems in the future. From food to health to education to safety, technology will rule all over.

Silicon Valley, NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the world’s great universities and laboratories are the places where technology is bubbling which will soon be all over the universe. (Let’s not stick just to the world).

3-D printers is one of the game changers. It is a printer that prints any objects from plastics, glass, ceramic, nylon, and even living cells using the software. Imagine 3-D printers printing out homes in just hours. How about 3D printers printing out a Jeans and a pair of shoes for you at home?

Nanotechnology, robotics and tissue regeneration are other tech advancement to consider. There are some Robot that does the medical surgery. Well, it’s happening now- not in the future.

Animals can be grown from a single cell using tissue regeneration. What does this mean? This means you can grow meats without slaughtering any animals, by using in-vitro cloning of muscle tissues at very low cost, without losing nutritional qualities and without environmental effects.

No more need to kill animals, No more insecticides, No more nitrogen waste. Animal right Activists are happy, Environmental Activists are happy. And how about you? This might sounds impossible; But it’s happening right now.

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

-Napoleon Hill

Advances in nanotechnology and 3-D printing mean the medical devices may someday will be travelling through your body, fighting conditions like Parkinson’s disease and dementia. How cool would that be?

According to Ray Kurzweil, “Work is already being done to create genetically enhanced Red Blood Cells that may one day carry enough oxygen to allow a deliver to last 40 minutes underwater on one breath.”

You are suspecting this? Live one day without your cell phone. You will realize how we all are connected with the technology. We all are moving from mobile phones to wearables to implantables in near future and it’s not that far.

It’s a whole new world and it’s going to be a wild ride…


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