Is it the time to make something better? (IM 530)

The world is dynamic and because of the current epidemic everything is being digitilized. From meetings to classes, everything is going online. Fortunately, there are some powerful tools that provide the platform to make that happen.

But on the hindsight, there are so many loopholes and weaknesses in those platform. We can feel it right now as we encounter it everyday.

So isn’t it the good time to replace those with our own ideas? Isn’t it the perfect time to contribute something meaningful to the world? Isn’t it the perfect time to solve world’s digital problem?

We have the chance to reinvent and revolutionize the digital field.

But the true challenge is “how?”…

The intriguing part about moving online is that it’s the best way to learn and everybody likes it. People may dislike education but everyone likes to learn. People may be reluctant with college but everyone is open for knowledge. People may hate showing up but everyone love having conversation. And this phase (self-isolation) provides all the things that a human species are passionate about.

So why don’t we begin to solve the digital problem that we have been encountering every single day? Why don’t we make the agriculture digitilized? How about tech field? Medical devices? Social Platforms?

Let’s look for the problems in digital field during this phase as problems are the inception of every discovery.

And Isn’t it the best time to make some big discovery?

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