Instant gratification (IM 659)

Today, the world is in such a time that everything is has become very accessible to the people. We can easily talk with the person we like in a matter of seconds no matter where the person lives. We can order the dress and attire we like by sitting at home. We can even get the food we like in our couch in a matter of minute.

Similarly, we can not only watch movie on Netflix without leaving our home but also can watch the specific scene of the specific movie as per our desire or want. All these facilities contribute a certain type of gratification. It is instant, yet short-term.

Not only it applies to relationship world, it also applies to the educational world as everyone can learn anything they want and whenever they want.

And the most important questions arise after analyzing this: Does this instant gratification have any impacts in our life? Are we becoming lazy? or Are we missing the experience of the process?

It’s always worth it to answer these questions before falling into the instant gratification again…

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