Innovative Mind #2

Affirmations for power and confidence

Thoughts create words, words are the vehicle of ideas that drive us towards any sorts of actions. The thought that we express through words can shape our life. It sounds ridiculous, but believe me or not it can really transform our life. Mind is actually the state of constant thinking. By thoughts and belief, the things are brought to us and by constantly affirming it we can receive it. That is why there is a saying, “No man gives to himself but himself and no man takes away from himself, but himself.”

Here are some affirmation that can help to build power and enhance confidence:

  1. None of these things move me.
  2. The powerful and vital energy of cosmos is filling my mind, body and spirit.
  3. I take pride in my ability to make worthwhile contributions to the world.
  4. I stay out of my comfort zone with courage and confidence.
  5. I think big, I dream big and I’m getting big.
  6. I feel strong, confident excited and powerful.
  7. My courage is stronger than my fear.
  8. I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.
  9. I believe every step I take will feed my destiny.
  10. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
  11. I trust my intuition and I’m guided to take wise decisions..
  12. I’m a success magnet.

These 12 affirmations can bring more power and confidence if affirmed daily with kindness and deep gratitude in sub-conscious.

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