How To Find Peace – From Bhagavad Gita (IM 843)

In Hindu’s religious book Gita, Lord Krishna explains a way to find peace.

To find peace, one should be completely detached from everything because things or object that give rise to desires which enhances anger. One should also give up the cravings for pleasure, attraction, fear or anger to find peace. He meant that detachment is not that you own nothing but rather nothing owns you which is a way to find peace. Also, one should not try to control oneself because our senses attack us with the violence.

Seeing, sensing, and experiencing things without attraction or hatred develops one’s temperance which ultimately helps in finding serenity. In serenity all the sorrows get disappeared and one’s understanding becomes clear whish is the root of peace. One should also be disciplined with themselves because this helps in understanding inner power. Without understanding inner power, peace cannot be attained.

Moreover, when we act without craving and without possessiveness and without desires, we can find peace.

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