Victims Of Our Own Success

Happiness does not lie in the result but in the process because when you think you have conquered the happiness or success or whatever you want to call, it will certainly desert you. If you start running seeking for the happiness or success without enjoying or embracing the process, you will be the victim of your own success. Stress-related health, anxiety disorder and cases of depression have skyrocketed over past 30 years, despite the fact that everybody has flat screen TV at their home and can have their groceries delivered. Hence our crisis is no longer material; it’s existential and spiritual.

Our society today, influenced by social medial has forgotten the real meaning of happiness and success. We want to show other how we are progressing despite the fact that we still lack confidence, we want to show how happy we are despite the fact that we struggle to pay our tuition and rent and we share our ideas in Facebook, Instagram and twitter which we have never experienced or gone through. We have shown our false and façade image of ourselves. This is because we do not want to progress in real but we just want to show other progressing (that we have never done). This lack of self-respect has always held us down in achieving anything in real life.

The challenge is we have to start by accepting what we are instead of pretending of being what we want to be. We must stop worrying about being smart and avoiding failures; but just observe, learn, improve and pursue our dream and get on with our life. To succeed, more than ability, we should have character; a self-loving, self-believing character. We learn about the best way to make money because we feel that we don’t have enough money already, we stand in front of the mirror and start affirming how happy we are because we don’t feel we are happy already. We follow dating and relationship advice because we don’t feel we are lovable already. Hence, we should start by accepting what we are. We can pursue our dream by practicing helping each other. The world is too dangerous and the world is too difficult for us to think we can do it alone. Despite you find your spark, it is very hard to pursue them. So, we should learn the habit of seeking suggestion and help from the people who have gone through such adversity. The amazing thing is when you learn to ask for help you’ll discover that there are lots of people all around you who’ve always wanted to help you. They just didn’t think you needed it because you kept pretending that you had everything under control.

After all, we should understand the hard reality of life that everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting negative experiences. The pain we gain in gym makes us better all-around health and energy. The failure in business is what lead us to better understand what’s necessary for being successful. Suffering through fear and anxieties is what allows us to build courage and perseverance. This is the law of nature that we have to go through negative experiences in order to get a positive result. Attempt to escape the negative and adversity is the violation of the law. The avoidance of suffering is the form of suffering. The avoidance of struggle is in itself a struggle, the denial of failure is in itself a failure. Therefore, if we have a dream or found your purpose and meaning of life, we must go through it and achieve our wildest dream.

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