Future Depends On Events: On Investments (IM 934)

Looking at the histories, we can say that the market depends solely on events. The Great Depression on 1929, Second World War of 1939, The Black Monday of 1987, The dot-com Bubble of 1999, The Great Recession of 2008 are all the events that drove the economy in different direction.

I consider the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 is also an event which will change that future of economy like many other events did in the the past from Great depression of 1929 to the Great Recession of 2008/2009. World economy took a different route after each of this crashes. And so will the COVID pandemic does.

So what is next after the covid pandemic of 2020?

Let’s focus for 10 years from now. I believe the coming decade will be the decade of biotechnology and gene sequencing. (see this to know more about the advancement due to technology)┬áBecause of the coronavirus, not only economy got devastated but also millions lost their lives ( more than 3 million people as of this writing). So the goal of the world will be to focus on human biology and bio-tech companies. The idea will be to invest in studies for antibodies, gene altering against various diseases that could happen in the future.

Electric Vehicle and Space Companies are other potentials. Focusing on the environment, EV could replace the current automobiles completely by 2050. So EV companies, EV- batteries and EV charging companies could also reach acme in the coming decade.

Various space companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, BlackSky are doing their best in space flights and global satellites sector which could also be in next level in coming decade.

This is just the speculation based on the history and history repeats itself. But nothing is guaranteed.

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