From 2020 to 2021… (IM 817)

The year 2020 was something else not just for me but for the whole world. The deadly pandemic, stock market crash, the virtual meeting, the human movements, the space flights and many more.

I didn’t expect 2020 to be the way it ended back when I was making resolutions for 2020 on its first day. With all these situations in hand, there were some guiding principles which I learned and reflected in my behavior. Some of them are:

Stoicism: All those lessons from Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, and Epictetus related to four virtues: wisdom, courage, justice and moderation. They lesson of meditation on mortality (see here). Marcus Aurelius lived when the Romans were encountered by the deadly Plague that killed millions. His book “Meditations” was the best time to read in 2020.

Stoicism: the antidote of suffering

Being impeccable with words and taking responsibility of my words and actions. Regarding making decisions: don’t make assumptions. (see here). Self-control is a strength. Right-thought is a mastery. Calmness is a power. If we can one day renovate ourselves, do so from day to day. Let there be a daily renovation, which acted as my daily thought. COVID isolated all the people around the world. My daily remainder when I was alone was: There is nothing more visible than what is secret and nothing more manifested than what is minute. Hence, a wise and superior man must be watchful over himself when he is alone.

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