Filling the void (IM 516)

It means making ourselves busy with different things and projects so that there is no extra time to think about the things that is not in our control. This results in creating long lasting happiness and mindfulness.

Research shows that human brain manufacture millions of thoughts per day, but these thoughts get dominant only if we nurture them with our attention and time. The more we start to think the more we get stuck on that thoughts. The more we get stuck on the thoughts, the more we miss action. And action always beats inaction.

Filling the void in someway means action. When we initiate action, we have no time to think about the negative things that pulls us back. Action becomes like a sponge that sucks all the negativity from our brain and make us focused only on the things that really matters.

I’m always trying to fill my voids with some stuffs whether by doing research on new things or by initiating new projects or by making new habits and hobbies. But don’t get me wrong, voids should be filled only with the positive things that brings positive outcomes and brings happiness.

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