Evolving better (IM 729)

Execution is everything. No matter whether it is AppleTeslaServiceNow Inc.Amazon or the most innovative companies in the world, they never grew older- they grew better.

The reason behind getting better of this companies is always captivating and intriguing. These innovative companies supply the products as per the consumers need; they also streamline the supply chain. They create something new.

In other words they solve real world’s problem or the problem created by all companies as a whole.

Most importantly, all these companies know their ‘WHY’. They know they exist and with that in mind they fulfill  costumers demands, which is their first priority.

When it comes to building a successful company, “Does it make money?” should be the question but it should never be the first question. The first question should always be- “Does it serve?”  “Does is add value to others?”

This is how world advances and you and your business advances with the world…

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