Everything Popular is Wrong?



“Everything popular is wrong.”

             Oscar Wilde

The reality about life is it’s a single player game. We’re born alone. We’re going to die alone. All of our pains are alone, all of our memories are alone. Nobody cares about our problem. It’s all single player-game. And It’s all about mind game, which has one rule and one rule only and that is work. The thing that is guaranteed is our work ethic. We hear lots of advice from motivational gurus and society, colleagues and institutions and we employ those in our real life, but we still struggle for success, fulfillment and happiness. The reason behind that is all of them are wrong. “Everything popular is wrong.” This quote has captivated me so deep that I have been applying this in my real life and career life, and I’m getting positive result

1.Billionaires and Millionaires:

It’s popular that most of the billionaires are a college dropout. But the true thing is they weren’t actually a college dropout. Their story and the fact show that they first took a semester off to invest in their dream and when they felt that they have been improving and again took another semester off and another and another till their dream became reality. So, don’t believe the crowd instead get out of them.

2. Education is what gives you a successful life:

We often hear same responses from our society and teachers that we have to go to college complete a degree and get a good job to secure our future and live a successful and fulfilling life. We are just born in this world and people are like learn your nursery rhymes, learn your ABC’s…, learn 123’s…, go to school, learn geography, learn history, learn science, learn periodic tables… Why? When are we ever going to use periodic table again? I still remember those days in my chemistry class learning periodic table which I haven’t used in my real life. But the simple things about life basic skills, we are not taught. So, how can we expect a fulfilling and successful life without even learning life’s basic skills.

3. Fallacy of motivation:

I don’t believe in ‘Motivation’ because we are captivated by the popular belief that our action is the effect of motivation. It’s not. In fact, it’s all the way around. Action is the cause of motivation. Our concept of motivation is:

Inspiration            Motivation                Action (False Belief)

Real motivation does not come from external environment, it generates from inner self. First, we have to focus on the thing that is in our control and that is our ACTION. Each action should motivate us. If we fail, we got to learn from failure and make the next action with strong foundation. So, our action should not be because of motivation, instead our action should generate motivation for our next action. Hence, the real belief should be:

Action                      Inspiration                     Motivation             Action

This is how we advance in the world.

4. Happiness is the end game. 

Most people pursue happiness because they think that is their end goals. But I believe we should not pursue happiness but instead we should concentrate on the things that truly matters and the result is- we start to create the lifestyle we actually love because we invested into the people and the things that actually matters and the by-product of that is happiness. Don’t pursue happiness! Pursue a lifestyle where the by-product of that life style is happiness. So, happiness comes with a by-product. If you focus on happiness, you will end up getting unhappy.

…….And then you die:

What mark you wanna leave to the world? What would be your legacy? This is arguably the only truly important question in our life, yet we avoid it because, A. it’s hard, B. we are afraid of failure, and C. we have no fucking clue what are we doing.

The solutions?

Start loving the game, accept the failure in fact love it with passion because battle scars are beautiful.


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