Everything is temporary (IM 780)

Today world lost one of the greatest footballer of all time, an Argentine Diego Maradona. I’m a huge fan of football as he has influenced most of my childhood and his loss meant a lot in world football too. He was an idol of most people’s idol.

“When a god decides it’s time. I guess he will come for all of us.” Maradona said.

I talk about death most of the time and it’s because it is the single most reality and the greatest motivating human factor. Most of us run towards fame and money not realizing that the people who we think will remember us will also soon perish.

The only thing that comes into my mind when I hear this is the Seneca’s words – Death is not something that comes in the future instead we are dying everyday. An hour we spent on judging and talking about others we died one hour of our death. And it is so powerful.

It makes a lot of sense to me when I connect all these dots together.


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