Ethics vs Consciousness (IM 717)

Ethics is a moral principle that governs a person’s behavior while consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of present moment (internal and external). This is how Wikipedia defines ethics and consciousness.

But the truth is it’s hard to define both ethics and consciousness and this struggle will remain for some time.

The question here is do we need an ethics of consciousness?

Philosopher Thomas Metzinger believes we need an ethics of consciousness. He introduced the phenomenal self-model (PMS) which allows human to recognize themselves and others as a whole. We know: we know we know; we know that others know. Just like our brain maps our body , our mind maps our body moving through space. He writes,

” We do not see the windows but only a bird flying by. We do not see neurons firing away in our brain nut only what they represent for us”

Ethics and consciousness are related in the sense that the greater we are aware the wider range of possibilities for both ethical and unethical behavior exists.

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