Establishing your brand (IM 348)

Brand is the story about you, your vision and the thing that you have accomplished as a brand. Establishing a brand is very tough but it is very important to monopolize the market.

Everybody go for the branded products because it belongs to them or it makes them feel that it belong to them. To establish a brand you must make your product/service in such a way that the customer/user feels its their own.

Particularly a brand matters in the developing countries like my own: Nepal. Since the beginning only one of the brand i.e CG Group has monopolized the Nepalese market. To disrupt it or to challenge its market, the new initiation is going on through various sectors including technology, agriculture and tourism. But there are various thing to be considered before going public. It is about the challenges that might be encountered along the way because of the big lobby of CG and its impact on the customers.

The new brand should focus on developing trust. It should include customers’ happiness and fulfillment as their priorities. It’s goal should be providing a good service or the product not just money.

It means it is possible to establish a new brand in Nepal. It’s just the matter of time. A huge thing is coming; all we need is the patience…

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