Entitlement is the failed strategy (IM#53)

We’re told that we should have a high self-esteem. We must have positive thoughts and positive attitude about oneself.We’re told that every single one of us are exceptional and and are born with true talents. If that is true then why we’re still lacking happiness? Why we still struggle for success?

The hard reality is none of us are exceptional neither we are born to achieve massive success until and unless we put insane amount of work and invest on it. None of us are liked by others unless we help them. None of can truly feel good about themselves unless they have good in them. None of us deserve good things but good things come to those who invest insane amount of time at work.

Entitlement is a failed strategy. There is no positive output of feeling good about oneself without having the good reason of feeling good. The facade impression of oneself, we keep to protect our superiority, is none other than our jealousy and that will eat us alive.  It blinds us from the true capability and also insulates us from the magic of humbleness.

None of us deserve extra-ordinary things neither we are born with it, we all have the same approach. We do not benefit from the entitlement and it’s never ending but we can work to be less entitled because it’s worth it.

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