Education: Do we know what it really is? (IM 774)

This morning I had a conversation with one of my friend regarding the education system we currently have. This made me think that most of us are completely unaware of the term education.

Let’s dig in the word ‘education’ :

The word education came from three different root words: “educare,” which means to bring up, nourish , and “educere,” meaning to lead out and educatum which is composed of two words: ‘E’ (meaning: movement from inward to outward) and ‘duco’ (meaning: developing or progressing). These word looks and sounds different but they all represent in the word “education”

When we look closely to the current dictionary, the meaning of education completely contradicts with its original meaning.

“The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”-This is how dictionary defines education. While the true meaning is the process to evolve, develop and progress towards lightness (from inward to outward).

We all have it wrong. We think the information we carry from the university or school as an education and based on that we make different conclusions and live our life for generations.

Well, its not… Education is meant for nourishing a child to evolve and reach his/her highest potential not to gather bunch of information that are not going to be utilized in our real life.

Next time when we think of education, let it hit all of us: Does this really develop, progress and evolve us towards being greater human being? Does this nourishes us to reach higher potential?

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