Don’t sell yourself short (IM 413)

Thoughts are so intense that it might make you or break you. Big dreams die before it is born and executed by the thinking process. On the other hand, it is also lived by the faith on the obsessive thoughts.

We think ourselves so small by looking at the present conditions. We sell ourselves too short looking at the struggles we are facing today.

What is it that makes you small and weak? What is it that makes you quit your dream job? What is it that makes your heart shrink? What is it that makes you unhappy?

The answer to all these important questions is so simple yet tragic and powerful. Its YOU. It is your thoughts about yourself. Its your lack of self-esteem. Somebody said it so beautifully- To win a war you must win many many battles. But, in this battle of living the wildest dream, living the life of passion, the greatest enemy is not your enemy but yourself who always holds you back.

Selling oneself short is the worst possible thing that one can do for themselves.

Don’t sell yourself short, whatever you have accomplished till this date is just the shadow of what you truly can. You are always more than you think you are.

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