Doing with the purpose of becoming (IM 523)

I came to believe that life is all about becoming rather than achieving. It’s more about learning and growing than succeeding. The purpose of anything you do is to create a habit that serves as an ingredient to expand your potential.

Well, it’s hard to accept the fact that growing never ends and you never reach your highest potential. It’s hard to sallow that the result from all of your execution serve as a lesson rather than some material gains or losses.

The truth is that the meaningful life is in the other side of this. It is when you start believing that the purpose of your doings is to become ultimate version of yourself rather than attaining something. It’s when you believe that every actions has only one result and that shows a way to reach towards a better self.

When the purpose of every action becomes becoming, then it aligns with the purpose of all living creatures, that is to evolve. Becoming means evolution, which is the only way forward, and which never ends. This is a true journey, and is the one and only one mission of every animate and inanimate species.

Doing with the purpose of becoming is always rewarding.


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