Doing gives the direction (IM 398)

We see lots of people these days who decide before they try. Maybe because they don’t see any future there or maybe they think that is not going to work out for them.

But here is the thing, how did you know that the thing you’re dreaming of is not good without even trying? You didn’t know those skittles were the best without tasting it. You didn’t know you love to be thrilled unless you do some sorts of adventurous activities and you’ve no clue about those hot-dogs until and unless you try it.

The point here is trying things out is what gives us the direction. This is what that pumps us and make us move forward. Yes, of course we gonna have to deal with failure and rejections. And indeed failure sucks, rejection hurts but we can’t stop doing and trying things out because this is what that keeps us going.

Life is talent and work ethics, nothing less nothing more. And doing is what gives us the direction…..

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