Developing self-discipline (IM#119)

Self-discipline has become very important in our life. Developing self-discipline means developing a self-culture or core values. This is an important assets that everybody should apply in their lives. Here are 8 ways of developing self-discipline, which I believe could bring huge impact in our lives:

  1. Love pain: Everyday risking ourselves, being comfortable with un-comfort, feeling the pain and starting to love it.
  2. Defy the odds: It is like doing the things that other are struggling with.
  3. Exercise: It has become one of the important habit of developing self-discipline. Working out every morning regardless of the pain or excuses is one of the way of developing self-discipline.
  4. Meditate: Meditating for 10-20 mins everyday gives us a powerful energy to start our day. It reinforces our strength mentally and physically. It clears out the negative impulses and emulate a positive vibes.
  5. Sleep: It is a self-discipline. Going to bed and waking up everyday at proper time is what develops our self-respect.
  6. Set goals: It is our vision and purpose that always keeps us looking forward and improving. Making daily, monthly, annually and end goals is a way of developing our self-discipline.
  7. Gratitude: It’s a gold. It’s the habit of loving and appreciating oneself and others. It is necessary to balance ourselves.
  8. Accountability: Always keeping our-self accountable to daily goals and daily practices has also become a way of enhancing our character and self-esteem.

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