Consequence from an unagreeable doing (IM 814)

When we force ourselves to do some stuff that we are reluctant of doing the consequences might be not as expected.

Did you ever have a situation where you forced yourself to do something and the result of such doing turned out to be bad?

Today, I had a car accident as I was on my way towards a place that I was initially reluctant of going. Even though it wasn’t a big accident but was rough as the car slipped in snow and hit the divider. This situation clicked me with this analysis. This kind of result has happened to me quite a lot of time.

The reason? Maybe it’s because our sub-conscious mind is already taking it (un-willing behavior) seriously and what our mind wants is to win. Our mind wins in some way when the result turn out to be bad.

There is always a battle between our mind and our doing and mind is always trying to win over our will of doing. This is the main reason behind the consequences in my opinion.


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