Consciousness and uncertainty (IM 711)

Consciousness is being aware of present through which living occur.  It’s the primary purpose of living. More precisely, the primary purpose of living is to allow the consciousness to flow into what we do. Thinking about the past and making plans about the future isn’t consciousness and will not make us conscious.

Being conscious means being aware that every thoughts are not a fact or truth. Every thoughts is a perceptive and every perspective implies limitation on something, which is not the fact/truth.

Consciousness does not involve future. Being comfortable with this uncertainty brings infinite possibilities along the way. It opens infinite number of doors of opportunity. When we become certain of something, we only go for that thing and become able (or unable) to attract it. When we’re able to attract it, our insatiable hunger doesn’t get satisfied because we are voracious being and nothing appease us.

But as we have already fixed our mind to something, which didn’t gave us the level of fulfillment (that we’ll never attain) we wanted, our possibilities starts to seize and life start to seem like a burden.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be certain of something. But being certain to something and also being comfortable with uncertainty is the level of consciousness we all need to have a jovial and fulfilled life.

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