Comparing With Past You (IM#52)

We aspire to become the greatest personality not realizing we’ve left our-self far behind. We compare our house with others, cars with our friends, girl-friends and boy-friends with others. This is giving birth to envy, jealousy, unhappiness and unfulfillment.

Looking at other’s happy face in Facebook, the travel stories of Bora-Bora in Instagram, and success tweets in Twitter and meanwhile you’re still flushing your own toilet make you feel like you’re a dumb-ass, your life suck.

Well, then you must consider something. Happiness is not found outside, its inner peace. Success is not having bigger house than others, beautiful cars than others nor having sexy girl-friends than others, it is becoming the better version of yourself than you’re yesterday.

Everything is about comparing yourself with your past. In-spite of the fear i n your heart, remember that scariest move that you took yesterday that made you stand here right now. Be grateful for that.

You’re becoming better version everyday….






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