Belief Tuning: The Next Law For Success. (IM#25)

Science proved that we can break a glass by playing a guitar. But it’s possible only when the frequency of sound waves of guitar is matched to the natural frequency of the glass and resonance state is attained. This is the reason for breaking of window’s glasses when big airplanes fly.

According to physics, every object has its natural frequency. If the frequency of anything is matched with the frequency of object, then it is said to be in resonant frequency.

Likewise, as a resonant frequency there exist a resonant belief which I call belief tuning. Basically, belief tuning means being able to match with the belief of other people. Everybody has their own core belief (as natural frequency in physics). If you can match or tune with the belief of other people whom you want to attract towards you or your company or to your side, then belief tuning has a key role. It doesn’t matter whether you are individual who have a bigger dream or the organization with vision of making magnificent impact, belief tuning is the only way you could reach there.

There must be a perfect belief tuning in order to attain massive success, be a leader or gain power, or attract other towards your principle or values or whatever you are aspiring to become….

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