Being Wrong Is Not Wrong (IM 911)

No one likes being wrong. It is the nature of humans. Once we ignore of being wrong then it becomes a habit. Habit then determines our character.

Aristotle once said, habits become our “second nature”. The Ancient Greek Philosopher used to say:

True wisdom requires the capacity to delight in being proven wrong.

Epicurus said it even better:

In a philosophical dispute, he gains most who is defeated, since he learns the most. — Epicurus

This one is mind boggling and is quite the opposite of what we are and might be thinking. One who is defeated is the one who gains the most.

Marcus Aurelius, the great stoic philosopher used to be pleased rather than being offended if someone showed him he was wrong. In Meditations, Marcus wrote: “Be prepared to change your mind if someone is at hand to put you right and guide you away from some ill-grounded opinion.”

Being wrong does no wrong; it’s a opportunity to change and change is nature’s will.

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