‘Being’ Vs ‘things'(IM#149)

These days, we value things too much than being. Does things really worth that value? Does it worth more than ourselves or ‘being’?This is the generational question and it’s way too difficult to answer. But it’s worth answering.

It is said that when we no longer “feel” the life we live, we try to fill up our life with things. Loving things is just the substitute for loving ourselves. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have things. We can value and care for things but never get attached to it.

We often say that “this ring is not just the ring, it has got something more.” “That watch is given to me by my mom- it is more than just a watch.” or “That car is not just the car, it is my dream. That penthouse is more than my living place.”I keep wondering how can a thing be so intimate than ourselves than our ‘being’? And this is so tragic as well.

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