A new insight of “hero” (IM#291)

Recently I came up with an interesting insight from a book “The hero with a thousand faces’ by Joseph Campbell. According to him, heroes do not begin as heroes, they just start out leading ordinary lives in an ordinary world and are drawn by a “a call to adventure.”

This lead them down the roads with full of trials filled with battles, temptations, success and failures. Along the way they are helped by others as  a mentors in various ways. During this journey, they also gain allies and enemies and learn how to fight.

But they have the audacity to overcome their fear because of their great determination to achieve what they want. They tend to get their special powers (Skills) from both “battles” they encounter that test and teach them, and from gifts (like advice) that they receive from others.

As they grow and learn, they both succeed and fail, but they succeed more than they fail because they learn from failure and bounce back more strongly striving for success.

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