A moral character (IM 822)

It is so important to understand our moral character and acknowledge that it has its epitome. The ancients Roman philosophy calls this epitome as perfection of moral character.

Marcus Aurelius said that the perfection of moral character is to live everyday as the last day, without frenzy or sloth or pretense. He said that if any god told you that you will die tomorrow or the day after that, you shouldn’t care much about whether it was on the 3rd day or on the next day, you should acknowledge that it doesn’t make any difference. So think its no difference to die after many years than to die the very next day.

Everyone is scared of death and try to avoid the situation that may lead to death. Especially I was scared of it. However, since reading the ancient philosophy, my perception of death has changed. And when we understand and change the perception of death, we attain the acme of moral character.

This perception is so rejuvenating that it enhances our character, daily acts, our thoughts and our life as a whole.

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