A Billion Dollar Mindset


Have you ever heard of The Domino Effect? If you have heard then, have you ever implied that in real life. You will see amazing result if you connect this physics into your real life. So, let me connect this to the real life. All great things have small beginnings. Every masterpiece has its first brushstroke, every building has its first brick and every life has its first breath. The same rule is true for nearly every aspect of our world and our personal success in no exception.

On its own, a domino isn’t much. It’s about two inches tall and weighs about as much as a small box of matches. But when the domino is applied with a force, In fact, one domino has the capability of knocking down another one that is 1.5 times its size. This seemingly infinitesimal ability compounds to produce incredible outcomes. If the first domino is given the force then it will knockout all other that is 1.5 times its size .


Imagine a long string of domino lining one after the other with each one 1.5 times larger than the last one. The first domino is only 2 inch tall, second  will be 1.5 times the first i.e 3 inch. Like wise the tenth domino will be equal to the size of “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. If you give small force to the first domino, then this will have power to knockout “Leaning tower of Pisa” after 18 times. At 23 you can knockout, ‘Eiffel Tower”. Starting with the 2 inch tall small domino, at 31 times this small domino, you will accomplish the height equal to the Mt. Everest. And by the 57th iteration, this 2 inch block produce enough force to knock over a domino stretching the distance between to moon. This means you can achieve your every goals no matter how massive it is.

Domino Effect.JPG

It may be tough to swallow, but big success doesn’t happen all at once. Success is a process, a journey. It is sequential. Everything starts with the way of thinking. Your thought may make you or break you. You, and  alone you have the power to make your dreams happen.

So set small goals as the size of 1st domino of your final goal. Give your effort to accomplish that small goal. Instead of trying to do everything at once, it’s more productive to take smaller steps. When a large goal is broken down into several smaller pieces, even the most audacious goal can be accomplished.

I recommend you all to use this billion dollar mindset to help you identify the steps you need to take to get what you want out of your life. The first thing you need is your vision towards the final goal. Set small goals that will lead you towards that final goal. Give your energy, be determined towards that.


Take a look at an aspect of your business or life. What’s the first domino you need to topple for extraordinary results? In other words, what is the most important thing that will bring the best results in this particular area of life or business and make other things easier or unnecessary?

Define this one thing and focus on that until it is done. Incremental improvements each day will bring amazing results over time.

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