Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (IM#229)

That’s what Steve Jobs did during the initial phase of Apple and they still follow that principle. The goal of the Apple is always to make their product as simple as possible. The way they were running the company, the design of the product, and the advertising, all comes to one point: making it simple;…

Get into action (IM#228)

Action always beats inaction. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.¬†Our goal should be to get into execution with whatever we’ve got and from wherever we are.

Life is like a winding river… (IM#227)

Life is like a winding river….We can see the next bend only when we reach to the bend before that. We can not predict the next bend; we can only pass through it. So the idea here is to get ready the best we can, take actions and then correct along the way.

People are so brainwashed.. (IM#226)

I recently had a talk with one of my friends and I was not very shocked to hear his response as I hear it too often from many people. People are so brainwashed these days with a belief that thinking big is a problem and we got to follow what everybody is following. They underestimate…

Accountable and its result (IM#225)

Being accountable means being responsible to the work you do. We are the creature of habits. What we focus on gets enhanced. When we take responsibility over the things we do daily, we get motivated to do more and more. Lo and behold, we get the maximum amount of work done. I’ve experienced on my…

Uncomfortable and growing (IM#224)

Uncomfortable means feeling of uneasiness or awkwardness. Growing means learning new things and evolving with new perspectives and realities. It’s hard to say but the only time we are growing is actually when we are uncomfortable. It is when we’re struggling and facing the realities.

Trapped by the story (IM#223)

We all have our own story that we create in our mind. But we never realize that we live into our story; more precisely, we’re trapped into it. We make the story of our success. We make the story of our failure. We even make the story of our strengths and our fears in our…

Time vs Result (IM#222)

These are controversy… We count our time. We get paid by the hours we work. We value our work with the time spent on it. For me, it makes no sense that we all focus on the time we spent on doing our thing instead of the results. We must focus on the results of…

The biggest irony (IM#221)

The biggest irony of life is that… If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard and if you are willing to do what’s hard life will be easy.

The intention of having both (IM#220)

Everyone lives in the same physical world of course. But the difference is in the inner world; its in their perspective; their belief system. There exists two type of thinking: “either/or” and “both.” The either/or is the choice of the poor while successful people choose “both.” Either/or thinking comes because of the fear of losing…