We are the reflection of what we do (IM#240

What we do everyday becomes a habit and we are the reflection of what we do everyday. The way we talk to others or to ourselves reveals our character. The way we deal with different situations shows our strength and weakness. Every step we take is the reflection of our character, our mindset, our loopholes,…

A true lesson (IM#238)

Recently I came up with the event in YouTube which showed explaining and seeking help with the Journalist. I saw those student complaining about the situation. It makes no sense to me. The are complaining and dwelling about their situation not realizing that they all had chosen that path willingly. And that incident make me…

Fear and opportunity(IM#237)

Our fear should matter equally as opportunity. Opportunity is like bus, it comes and go. But being fearful about it and not getting into the bus won’t takes us forward. We keep getting the same result…. Fear and opportunity should be balanced. We have to learn to feel fear in proportion with opportunity.

Identifying with the cosmos (IM#236)

We identify ourselves with the family we are born with. We also identify ourselves with our caste, religion, ethnicity, race and the nationality. This is the reason our possibility is bounded. When we identify ourselves with these human-made perks, we become limited. Our opportunity to become more shrinks. Human being are born with limitless possibility….

Optimism (IM#235)

It is the heartbeat of success. The ability of positive thinking towards any act is optimism. Learning to be optimistic is necessary and it is tough task because we’ve been grown up being pessimistic. When we believe that everything that is happening in our life is “for us” not “to us” then everything start to…

Meaningful thinking (IM#234)

Sometimes we’ve to brainstorm to make the decision that is best for us. We have to think out the result decision might bring. That thinking is a meaningful thinking. Meaningful thinking helps us to evaluate problems and short it out effectively. Not only for solving problems, but also during different situations and dealing with different…

Form follows emotions (IM#233)

It is the creation that follows the emotions. The perfection in form is required to intrigue human mind and soul. But it’s not only the visible part, mostly it is the invisible one. A great carpenter isn’t going to use bad woods for the back of the cabinet, even though nobody is going to see…

Truth behind introverts and extroverts(IM#232)

Introverts are the extroverts who are in learning and personal development phase. While this may not apply to everyone, but majority holds this truth. Introvert and extrovert is not the person, it is the phase; just like caterpillar and adult butterfly in its life cycle.

The journey is the reward (IM#231)

We all work to achieve success and we struggle for it. We always care about the end not realizing that our journey is the reward. No matter how it ends, we must enjoy the journey towards it, but the hard reality is that our adventure is not going to be effortless. Its the full of…

Potential is not the peak (IM#230)

Human potential is not the peak. It is the journey. We make a false belief that when we extend our inner belief and not settle for low then we live our potential. We work hard to meet our potential. The truth is ultimate potential is never met. Achieving the potential means living in it.